ETA Information for Canada

General informations

The Government of Canada authorizes travelers to apply for a simple and quick electronic visa to travel to the country for tourism or business purposes. This is the authorization required to enter Canada. Anyone wishing to come to Canada must apply for and obtain a visa.

The electronic visa for Canada is available to foreign citizens of all eligible countries and they must apply online before departure.

If the nationality of the passport is not in the list of countries that can apply for a visa online, you will have to go to the embassy and apply for it personally.

The Canada e-visa for tourism gives access to the country to eligible citizens for one or more entries, according to the needs of the traveler. The online application on this website will ask you the nationality of the traveler and the number of times you want to enter Canada, to assign the corresponding e-Visa.


Once the request has been made and submitted, it will be studied by the immigration authorities and you must take into account that during the approval procedure, you may be asked for additional information, you must attach it so that the process continues.

The decision regarding your entry request will be sent electronically as an attachment to the e-mail address provided by the requester.

This travel authorization does not guarantee entry into ETA. Travelers may be subject to a second check before entering the country.

Any tourist traveling with an ETA electronic visa must present the following documents upon arrival at an international ETA entry point

  • Copy of approved visa
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of arrival in ETA (this must be the same as that used to fill in the e-visa application form)

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system requirements:

  • Be a citizen or naturalized and eligible for a visa waiver program
  • Your trip lasts 180 days or less
  • Travel to Canada for business or pleasure